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The EQ-niversity™ is a virtual cohort of like-minded professionals who want to master their EQ skills. This class provides a 3-step, skill-based approach proven to increase your EQ. What sets EQ-niversity apart from any other training is the EQ Lab. Each lab has one EQ Certified coach per three students. The coach observes students practicing their skills and provides in-the-moment guidance to the question: “What do I say next?” or “Could I have said that better?” Participants gain confidence to use EQ skills and level up their positive impact in both personal and professional relationships.

EQ 101 is for professionals who are invested in learning to apply EQ Skills in the moment. You will learn what to do when emotions are hijacking your decision making. You will learn to respond vs react in emotionally charged conversations. Your ability to respond with empathy in any situation will triple!

EQ 201 is for professionals to apply their EQ skills to create long-term change in how they lead and coach individuals and teams. You will be able to lead through the lens of psychology and character development as defined by Dr. Henry Cloud -  Character is the ability to meet the demands of reality. You will learn how to set a boundary, say “no”, disappoint others and not damage the relationship. You will become the rare individual who can stay relationally close to others when you consider their opinions to be wrong. Plus, you can pass this on to those you lead.

How it works:
• Twice monthly Zoom meetings with a focused topic and specific practical skill training
• 12 individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an EQ-niversity Certified Coach
• Virtual Cohort Memberships are a 12-month commitment

Transform the world together, one conversation at a time.

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Jules WIlhelm facilitating live online training
Jules WIlhelm training in small groups

Leadership Training

Next Level Leadership™ is a year-long commitment to uplevel your leadership. With quarterly day and a half in-person meetings, 7 virtual meetings and 11 individual coaching sessions, leadership theory and emotional intelligence skills are taught, and applied in a cohort-based learning model.  

EI Lab™ is uniquely developed & facilitated for you to learn new emotional responses and rewire thought patterns that improve your leadership.

Next Level Leadership™ is both a coaching and mastermind program with content, structure, curriculum, and better yet - you are not alone. Members of this cohort are high level leaders invested in one another’s challenges and success - forging lifelong relationships.

Why its important:
• You will leave with an expanded and renewed sense of well-being both internally and in your professional community
• You will build team trust by replacing drama & misunderstanding with communication & empathy
• You will create a culture that engages teams, improves retention, develops leaders amongst your team, and ultimately achieves business goals

*In Next Level Leadership™ “cohort” refers to an integrated community of learners who take a prescribed sequence of courses/trainings in unison and work together in a collegial environment.  Our facilitators provide experiences in giving & receiving support, feedback, pragmatic advice, goal setting, and EQ skill training – including the unique EI Lab™ designed by Jules Wilhelm.

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EQ Steps For Self-Regulation
EQ Steps For Other Awareness & Management


The development and sustainable application of Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) for individuals and organizations increases when leaders are being coached 1-on-1.

What can you expect?
• Find your starting point by taking the EQ Evaluation and meet with Jules before the work begins
• Weekly hour-long coaching sessions
• A blend of course instruction and self-study

EQ Skills may take hours to learn and a lifetime to master.

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Jules WIlhelm coaching in small groups
Jules WIlhelm speaking on stage


Transform The Great Resignation into The Great Reconnection for your organization with an EQ-centered topic. Engage your corporate community through inspired connection, fostered communication, nurtured positive relationships, aligned with the organization's vision and goals.

Shift the trajectory of your results by offering perspective - a different view on the same situation, leads to insight, inspiration, and motivation.

Some of Jules' favorite topics:
• The Power of Empathy
• How to Create an Emotionally Intelligent Culture
• EQ is Simply Being Human

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Senior Living

Senior Living with Capacity Leadership is dedicated to enhancing the lives and careers of those who care for others.  Through a full suite of curated workshops for every level of leadership – associate to executive – the focus is to create a culture of connection with high levels of emotional intelligence.

Workshops Include:
• 4 Keys to Developing your Senior Living Team™ includes accountability, skills necessary to emotional regulation during times of high stress including loss, building & maintaining trust through conversation, and conflict resolution.
• Effective Connections with Co-Workers and Residents™ is a practical skill set building for vision casting, retention focus, conducting conversations that connect, and keepers of the culture of connection.
• Value Execution™ weaves the corporations value statements into each touch point, including upstream operations, direct operations, and downstream operations.

More about Capacity Leadership
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What leaders are saying...

I feel honored to have been taught and coached by Juliana Wilhelm. Juliana's expertise in effective communication is incredible. She always knows just how to handle any conversation with authenticity and grace; and in a way that brings the desired results. Because of her skills, her dedication and the spirit of her delivery - I have become a better leader. Furthermore, I have experienced personal growth that will be with me the rest of my life.
M. Alexander
Executive Director
I had an "a-ha" moment after 30-some years!
N. Stewart
Executive Director
Juliana has a personal style and the ability to inject humor when relaying material so that it is easily absorbed. She has helped shape my career and professional life by improving my ability to look within myself and transform my mistakes into skills. As a result, I have thrived professionally and personally.
S. Duncan
Marketing Director
My experience with Juliana has been remarkable and have not only affirmed my belief that there is a more effective and even kinder way to lead, but has altered my perspective and abilities as a person. Juliana leads with respect, openness, and a curious mind & heart.
M. Armes
Leasing Director
Juliana's overall impact, through both group discussions and one-on-one coaching, has been beneficial for individual staff growth resulting in favorable group and culture change. She has a strong ability to identify and chop at the root of the problem, recognize hiding tactics of leaders, and provide various resources & tools to help others grow.
A. Catoe
Regional Property Manager
The Ownership Group can now develop leaders on-site.
D. Blaylock
CEO & Owner
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