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About Jules

I help people transform the world,
one conversation at a time.

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Work with me and you will have the skills to make every conversation a step to building a healthy relationship. Your ability to emotionally regulate, to respond vs react, will build trust and lower judgmentalism.

You will value being in relationship more than being right. You will forge relationships where setting boundaries and saying no is respected and the relationship remains strong. You will learn to repair relationships, hurt feelings, and mistakes you have made that damaged trust.

My Core Values

More about Jules
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    The vision for EQ work is a fundamental change in the lives of people through tangible action.

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    One simple step at a time, because that is how we change - simple things you can remember, practice, and hold in your hand.

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    Focus on things that are possible, inspirational, and full of joy.

More about the Founder

Jules Wilhelm, MA, Clinical Psychology

Founder and President - Capacity Leadership Center, Cardia Counseling Center, and EQ-niversity™

Jules Wilhelm is the creator, founder, and president of Capacity Leader Center, Cardia Counseling Center, and EQ-niversity™ where she has been providing effective counseling and coaching for more than 20 years.

Through the thousands of face-to-face hours of coaching and counseling with high capacity leaders in both the public and private sector, she has first-hand knowledge of the type of impact created when leaders are equipped with emotional intelligence skills and strengthened in their personal character competencies. Benefits range from employee productivity, work environment positivity, increased retention, and more satisfying personal lives.

Jules created and directed the Leadership and Impact Training: A Training Series for Senior Living, to meet the specific needs of senior housing. She formerly directed a chapter of the Townsend Leadership Program. She served as instructor & educator at the Townsend Institute and adjunct instructor in graduate programs at Wheaton College, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Huntington University. She has been the featured speaker at conferences for academic and professional audiences both nationally and internationally. 

Presently, Jules focuses her energy and credible knowledge on transforming the leadership of the world's top executives in Senior Living, publishing & facilitating EQ virtual courses in her founded school called EQ-niversity™, and creating real lasting change in the leadership of those leaders that fundamentally know a more compassionate and empathetic way to lead people through her Next Level Leadership™ trainings.

Jules holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College, Illinois.

Work with Jules
Jules WIlhelm about the founder

Learn about Jules's Team

Jacey Wuhrman virtual assistant to Jules Wilhelm

About Jacey

Jacey is an experienced administrative consultant. From juggling schedules to multi-tasking Jacey has a natural ability to handle fast-paced, deadline driven environments while staying cool, poised, and upbeat.

While adaptability & flexibility are key, Jacey is a master of proper planning while being proactive to minimize the need to make adjustments. But when changes arise, she brings great problem-solving skills, and versatility to find solutions quickly.

Jacey is an active member of her spiritual, educational, and home community in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with her husband, three active kids, and dog Remmy.

More about Jacey
For specific inquiries about working with Jules, contact Jacey directly
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